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Experizon Advisory is an innovative Strategy, Branding and Marketing Communications outfit with a focus on helping businesses build formidable brands, stay ahead of the field, engage effectively with their target audiences and ultimately achieve their overall objectives.

At our core, we are an unconventional team of senior level professional solvers and innovators who have spent our entire careers building strong brands and helping organizations accomplish their growth and  marketing objectives, whether they are big or small. We combine human ingenuity, with experience and technology innovation to deliver sustained outcomes and build trust.

Our aim is simple — to be the bridge between our clients’ current realities and the future outcomes they want.

We pride ourselves on the blend of capabilities and the depth of experience that is assembled within our team – a strong balance of strategists, creatives, innovators and execusionists.

What drives us is the desire to see businesses metamorphose into first-class brands and top competitors in major markets. We have a track record helping organizations grow into exceptional brands.



Our approach to engagements helps us deliver maximum value  that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

We adopt a methodology that enables us critically understand the client’s business and assess it, before creating cutting-edge solutions.

This approach helps us holistically evaluate and identify more areas of improvement. By default, we go above and beyond to deliver best value to our clients, often beyond the agreed scope of work


We pride ourselves on the unique blend of competencies assembled within our team.

This enables us offer end-to-end solutions to our clients irrespective of their stage of growth .

We support our clients from conception to strategy development to implementation. We hold their hands and guide them through every phase of their growth journey. 


We boast of an expert team with a remarkable balance of innovators and professionals.

Our team comprises outstanding creatives; professional strategists who have worked in some of the world’s best consulting firms; and innovators who have worked with some of the best creative agencies in the country.

Across the team, our members have worked in virtually every active sector of the Nigerian economy.


We prioritize and invest in strong working relationships with our clients. This helps us achieve more efficient workflows and consequently, deliver more excellent solutions.

We operate a client-centric, five-phased approach on our engagements.


We approach each client with an open mind. We listen, ask questions, immerse ourselves in your reality, view things from your perspective, and overall, get to know you and your business.

We also understand your expectations and objectives.


We assess your current situation, offerings, systems, methods as well as your internal and external environment to identify trends, gaps, strengths, weaknesses, competition, opportunities, critical success factors etc. We collect and analyze relevant data.


Following our assessment, We delve into our arsenal of knowledge and experience to collaboratively create bespoke, forward-looking  tested solutions that meet your objectives and unique needs.


Upon creation of solutions a blue print is presented to management, detailing the proposed solutions, designs, strategies or remedial lines of action necessary to achieve the goals and objectives.


In collaboration with your team, the recommendations are implemented. Our team drives the integration of these solutions into your day to day business, ensuring to achieve the desired outstanding results.

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